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Updated On : Jan 18, 2023  | sdcsvd | Punjab court
By : pooja bhorkar
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Title and extent of operation of the Code.—This Act shall be called the Indian Penal Code, and shall 1 [extend to the whole of India 2 [except the State of Jammu and Kashmir].] 2. Punishment of offences committed

Updated On : Jan 12, 2023  | Dr. S. Muralidhar CJ, M. S. Raman J | High Court of Orissa
By : Aamod Vairagkar
Termination of service for suppression of information about pending criminal case in verification roll, cannot be reversed merely due to non-issuance of show-cause notice to employee.

The appointment order of the employee clearly stated that his appointment was purely on temporary basis. in case any discrepancy in character and antecedents of candidate are discovered even at a later stage services of such candidates could very wel

Updated On : Jan 12, 2023  | Deepak Kumar Agarwal J | High Court of Madhya Pradesh
By : Aamod Vairagkar
Person engaged as contractor and never worked as company employee, if dies during work, his family cannot be compensated by company as his ‘employer’.

While the deceased was fitting an AC sheet in the premises of Company at 40 feet height, he accidently fell down and unfortunately died. His wife sought for compensation from company. The deceased had submitted his quotation for doing fabrication wor

Updated On : Jan 09, 2023  | Goutam Bhaduri J | High Court of Chhattisgarh
By : Aamod Vairagkar
Merely because father is natural guardian, custody of minor cannot be handed over to him.

The minor child was in lawful custody of his grand-parents since death of mother and after his father contracted second marriage. The minor has not spent even single day with his father till now. The father have never enquired about the minor nor vis

Updated On : Jan 09, 2023  | Dr. Dhananjaya Y. Chandrachud J | Supreme Court of India
By : Aamod Vairagkar
Bail granted to accused, who does not cooperate in expeditious disposal of trial, is bound to be cancelled

Accused, facing charges of murdering one person by firing gunshots, has been released on bail. Seriousness and gravity of the offence however, not taken into consideration, while granting bail to him. Upon being granted bail, accused not only remaine

Updated On : Jul 04, 2021  | Sujoy Paul J Shailendra Shukla J. | Madhya Pradesh High Court
By : Aamod Vairagkar
Benefit of exemption from payment of entertainment tax granted to multiplexes, shall be available to owner and lessee of multiplex equally

Department of Commercial Tax introduced a promotional scheme granting exemption for five years to multiplexes from the date of first exhibition of a movie subject to certain conditions mentioned therein. Indisputably, neither the notificatio

Updated On : Jun 28, 2021  | Jyoti Mulimani J. | Karnataka High Court
By : Bhavna Renke
In absence of mandatory endorsement of documents admitted in evidence, eviction decree cannot be passed in favour of plaintiff on ground that no documents were produced by defendants

There shall be an endorsement on every document which has been admitted in evidence in suit, number and title of the suit, name of the person producing document, the date on which it was produced and a statement of its having been so admitted. The

Updated On : Jun 28, 2021  | Uday Umesh Lalit J, Vineet Saran J. | Supreme Court Of India
By : Shweta Wagh
Statements made during talk show by Journalist Vinod Dua regarding inadequate facilities to deal with Covid-19 pandemic, can at best be termed as expression of disapprobation of actions of Government, and would not amount to sedition

FIR referred to a talk show uploaded on 30.03.2020, in which he talked about migrant workers, inadequate facilities to carry out testings, export of respiratory devices and sanitisers and said about locking down that “ when the supply chains

Updated On : Jun 28, 2021  | Sanjeev Kumar J. | High Court Of Jammu And Kashmir
By : Pooja Choudhary
Offence of cheque dishonour can be made out only when dishonoured cheque is drawn by drawer in favour of drawee, for discharge of legally enforceable debt

Dishonour of cheque under Section 138 of Negotiable Instruments Act creates a statutory offence in a matter of dishonour of cheques on grounds of insufficiency of funds in an account maintained by a person with a banker and that it exceeds the amo

Updated On : Jun 29, 2021  | Jasgurpreet Singh Puri, J. | Punjab And Haryana High Court
By : Naina Thaokar
Jurisdiction to try eviction petition should be reckoned with reference to date of filing of eviction petition and not from date of rent agreement

The landlord filed a petition seeking eviction of the petitioner-tenant on various grounds. In the said eviction petition, the tenant filed an application seeking rejection of the petition. One of the main grounds taken was that the disputed prope

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Free Webinar + Interview Videos on Legal Topics by AIR

Free Webinar + Interview Videos on Legal Topics by AIR

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