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A woman seeks support from the central government, her son is jailed in The United Arab Emirates on charges of espionage against India
Updated On : Jul 06, 2021 |   Anjali Agrawal.

(Shahubanath Beevi Vs Union of India)

A petition has been filed by the mother before the Kerala High Court whose son is imprisoned in the United Arab Emirates on the charge of spying for India.

The Central government counsel was directed during the hearing of the case, on Tuesday, by a single bench composed of Justice PB Suresh Kumar to get instructions on the matter only after which the case will be heard. The plea sought directions to provide legal aid and assistance for her son. 

Her son, Shihani Meera Sahib Jamal Mohammed was imprisoned in August 2015 in Abu Dhabi Central Prison, United Arab Emirates. 

The counsel for the petitioner, Advocate Jose Abraham, submitted that Mohammed was acting for the Indian Embassy officials in the UAE when he was arrested on charges of spying for the Indian Government.

Since then, the petitioner has sent several documents and representations to relevant authorities for proper assistance and legal aid from the Government of India, and submitted the counsel. 

The petitioner has not received any positive response in spite of repeated requests, no actions have been taken by the authorities for the matter, stated Abraham. 

The case will be heard soon after CGC receives instructions on the matter.