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Person engaged as contractor and never worked as company employee, if dies during work, his family cannot be compensated by company as his ‘employer’.
Updated On : Jan 12, 2023 | Deepak Kumar Agarwal J | High Court of Madhya Pradesh | AIROnline 2022 MP 328

While the deceased was fitting an AC sheet in the premises of Company at 40 feet height, he accidently fell down and unfortunately died. His wife sought for compensation from company. The deceased had submitted his quotation for doing fabrication work and was found to be employed as a contractor by company. He never worked as an employee of the company. There was no documentary evidence produced to show that deceased was appointed as fitter and/or was getting salary from company. The company would not be responsible for any accident or death of the deceased. Madhya Pradesh High Court in AIROnline 2022 MP 328 held that wife was not entitled for any compensation from Company.

Aamod Vairagkar