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Police authorities are obligated to enforce COVID-19 protocols with humanism; derogatory language is contrary to the constitutional morality: Kerala High Court
Updated On : Sep 10, 2021 |   Shweta Jana

Single judge Justice Devan Ramachandran at the Kerala High Court has recently remarked that the police officials should not use derogatory language as it is contrary to the constitutional morality.

The petitioner approached the Court making several accusations against the Sub Inspector of Police and submitted that he has been harassing him constantly and even subjected his daughter to verbal abuse.

The counsel for petitioner submitted an "Action Taken Report" wherein it was explained that the Sub Inspector of Police was on COVID enforcement duty and the petitioner's minor daughter and certain other people were seen gathered in Priya Supermarket violating the covid-19 protocols and therefore he issued a notice to them and explain the necessity of complying with the said protocol.

The learned Government Pleader submitted that the petitioner was found by the Officer in the supermarket without a mask and without taking adequate steps to ensure social distancing and thereby imposed a fine of Rs 500/- under the provisions of the Kerala Epidemic Disease Ordinance 2020.

The Court declared that use of abusive and derogatory words by any member of the Force is contrary to the constitutional morality and conscience of our country and is antipodean to the ethos of a democratic system.

The State Police Chief was directed to issue necessary instructions to all members of the Force that they shall address citizens using acceptable vocative and shall not use any derogatory words and phrases.

Case title: Anil JS vs State of Kerala

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